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Hotel Britannia, Trondheim

This decoration was the second secular commission Gullvåg created in collaboration with Håkon Bleken. In Hotel Britannia’s largest conference room, “Britannia Hall”, they created a huge painting that covers one of the room’s long walls. The work is reckoned to be Norway’s third-largest wall painting on canvas. It is divided into three fields, the sides measure 4 x 2 meters, and the middle scene 4 x 7 meters.

The painting was created in a large concrete hall at Dora and transported in a huge crate to the hotel. Thereafter the canvas was mounted onto the wall and the work’s last details added on sight. The process was documented by Norwegian television (Tore Rosshaug, 1997).

Entitled Trondhjem, the motif shows the city of Trondheim and a tree. Gullvåg painted the tree with long roots, a paraphrase over Munch’s well-known painting History. Bleken painted the city and its history.