In the first semi decennium in the new millennium Gullvåg receives several larger individual commissions. These have increased both in volume and in importance – leading not only to his increased recognition, but also to a place in the media spotlight. These have been the most discussed and controversial of his career – indeed, it has been several decades since Norway last witnessed an artist create so much debate and at such intensity.

The project, which has created particular attention, is the portraits of the king and queen. Also his works temporarily mounted in Nidaros Cathedral, summer 2005, created great media attention and a number of heated debates.

He still continues to work mostly from a dark background, but the richness of swarming details has been replaced by more unified and firmer compositions. He has in many ways become more monumental in his expression. As well as portraits and liturgical commissions, the still life is a prime genre, simultaneously as he develops several series of paintings around the novels of Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysmans. Pictures with references to his own experiences and those of his children remain important – they seem to be part of the ground water that oozes up into his studio from time to time – and demand to have their being, between portraits and commissions, without caring whether his schedule is overflowing.